© 2020 dreamtree shakers 

What's Shakin'? 

Pippa the penguin flaps her wings

Travels with the circus where she sings

With a band full of monkeys shaking tambourines

Shake shake shake shake shake


Over the river in the village square 

A potluck and people bring a dish to share

Strike up the band and run a comb through your hair

Shake shake shake shake shake

Shooting stars above the trees

Lightning bugs light up your knees


Pippa the penguin after the show 

With a cup of soup and a marshmallow

Falls asleep next to the neon glow

Shake shake shake shake shake

Here's to a 2020 full of potlucks, cups of soup

and marshmallows. Much love and light to you all. Look around there's this beautiful world...

-Jeremy and the Dreamtree Shakers

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