© 2019 dreamtree shakers

What's Shakin'? 


Out in the garden (in the garden, in the garden)

The plants that we planted (are a startin’ are a startin’)

To wake up and wonder waiting wishing on the sun

To warm the soil and chase the roots down as they run


And then the rain comes

(dripping dropping, dripping dropping)

Finds its’ way in (heavy, slower and then stopping)

It’s necessary even if it makes you blue

Rain, rain don’t go away we need you, too

When all the clouds

Come to your town

Clap hands and wave

Pretend a parade


Think of all the flowers and the fruit that we will see

And all the colors that become the scenery

My eyes are open and my arms can feel the way

And all the warmth and all the beauty in these days

Peace, love and light to all of our friends!

-Jeremy and the Dreamtree Shakers

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