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The Dreamtree Shakers live show engages the audience through the performance of primarily original tunes and creative movement. The full band sound is comprised of vocal harmonies, percussion, bass, saxophone, flute, guitar and harmonica; however, the band can put on an equally engaging show with fewer members. All of the instrumentation is mindful of rhythmic variety, yet is still aware of establishing patterns that are accessible and pleasing to younger audience members while holding the interest of their caregivers. The original songs will introduce characters in ways that tell a story and welcome the imaginations of audience members to make connections that are relevant to their own experiences. The characters and situations are highlighted and explored through creative movement and props. Every note, movement, and image is performed or displayed in a manner wherein we strive to respect the intelligence of every audience member. The band asks the audience to join in the journey of the show in various ways, such as singing along, moving their bodies, and using their imaginations.




The LIVE Show

Kangaroo Roommate
JB Lenny
Lincoln Square
Street Fest
Wrigley Field
Navy Pier Performance
Full Band Show @ Square Roots
NYE Bash @ Kohl Children's Museum!
Square Roots Fest
Toddlers, Tunes & Turtles
Beat Kitchen
Beat Kitchen Photo By Looney
Polar Adventure Days
Brick Wall Band
Creatures in the trees...

The Shakers (past & present)

Jeremy Babcock writes songs, plays guitar, and sings

Mani Bances plays the Saxophone and Flute

Chris Corsale plays the guitar and sings

Michael Doty plays the bass and sings

Jarod Facknitz plays the drums and sings     

Rebecca Jasso is the artist who illustrated our book Emily Johnson designs our albums & merch

Lenny Marsh plays drums and sings

Jenna Murfin sets up the shows

Tony Piscotti plays the guitar

Christina Schlag plays piano and is a visual artist

Shawn Schlag plays the bass and sings

Aerin Tedesco plays the drums and sings

Kate Thomas is a visual artist

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